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What is a FuelMaster?
A simple device which easily attaches to the inbound fuel line just before the combustion of the engine that has been tested by an Independent U.S. Laboratory, performing a U.S. EPA Accepted testing procedure.  These test results for FuelMaster showed an average of 11.6% better highway fuel economy. FuelMaster is also approved by CARB (California Air Resource Board) executive order # D-421, for installation on vehicles in the state of California, USA.  As a Regulatory agency, CARB is responsible for enforcing the most stringent emissions standards in the country.  Please review the links on the left to learn more about FuelMaster. 

FuelMaster Products have over 15 years of successful performance in the World. We are proud to support the new World Wide Effort to reduce Green House Gases from all engine types. Join us in the charge to lower emissions and install a FuelMaster on the vehicles you use in your life.  Be Proud to Join the FuelMaster Family today!

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1- Reduce Emissions

Go green and install a FuelMaster today and help reduce emissions.

2- Improve Efficiency
A cleaner burning fuel is more efficient, which translates to better mileage.

3- Simple Installation
No tools are required to install a FuelMaster, and literally takes less than 5 minutes to install.