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FuelMaster Products

FuelMaster SD: Our First FuelMaster Base Model.
Use On 4cylinder or like Vehicles, Older V6 Carbureted Engines, Home Heating, or any size Motorcycle Engines to gain performance enhancements. Our original unit is a simple patented design that performs on many engine configurations. The SD has achieved the California CARB rating for installation on vehicles in the State of California. As a regulatory agency, CARB is responsible for enforcing the most stringent emissions standards in the country (specifically Executive Order # D-421). 

FuelMaster XL:  Our 2nd model that we designed for higher output engines after years of selling 100,000's of our FuelMaster SD.
Our FuelMaster XL has the same size and similar appearance as the standard SD model; HOWEVER: XL is over two times stronger magnetic field, which compensates for distracting variables that exist in engine components of some vehicles in today's world. The FuelMaster XL should be used for high performance; LPG and diesel powered Automobiles, SUV's, all Trucks, Buses and industrial equipment. Use the XL model for: V6, V8, V10 & Up Engine Sizes, SUV's, Trucks, Large V8 Sedans, Sport Cars, Big Rigs, Buses, Vans, & 4x4's. Some need 2 XL's

Detailed Product Description:

1.)  FuelMaster is a fuel economizer and pollution reduction device which utilizes magnetic hydrodynamic technology to improve the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels. Mostly, engine combustion is incomplete due to the molecular clusters of hydrocarbon fuel. In normal cases, only about 70% of the total burnt fuel provides the real power, with 30% of the fuel wasted and carbonized.

2.) The  FuelMaster is the solution to this problem. When the fuel is passed through the fuel saver, the hydrocarbon molecules are temporarily ionized and create positively aligned molecules. The ionized hydrocarbon fuel results in a complete combustion when in contact with the negative oxygen (air-fuel mixture in the engine).

3.) The growing population of motor vehicles contributes to air pollution worldwide. Our field trials clearly indicate that the  FuelMaster can help in reducing a good percentage of toxic emissions.

4.) The installation of the SD or XL  FuelMaster is very easy. Simply surround the FuelMaster on to the fuel line, close to the engine fuel injector rail or carburetor, and secure it in place (at both ends) using the cable ties provided.

Note: Results obtained from FuelMaster May vary.
With all of our years of experience in the field, we believe we have a very credible product. We are not going to "blue sky" un-obtainable claims, we are going to be honest and let you know that overall, our testing and more importantly our customers have indicated positive results obtained with the FuelMaster product installed in their vehicles.  We want to hear from you regarding your experience with the product.  We will be building a user forum on this site so that you, our end users can compare results with each other, let us know and let the world know of  the vast potential of this product.

How does FuelMaster benefit you?

Independent, U.S. EPA Accepted Lab tests for FuelMaster show an average of 11.6% better highway fuel economy.  FuelMaster owners have reported and average savings of 8% - 18%.  The environment is something we all want to take care of so isn't it nice to know you can do your part by lowering your vehicles emission pollution and save money at the same time using FuelMaster products??


The many benefits of FuelMaster:

*Increased Engine Performance

*Improved Combustion Efficiency  (saves fuel)

*Removes Carbon Deposit Buildup In The Engine

*Reduced Harmful Emissions

One Or More Of These Benefits May Occur With Installation.

Your Results Will Vary




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