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     Home Heating Ideas:

  2010-Ideas for Home Heating  & Water heating all year long Especially in the winter! 

FuelMaster a Leader in Automobile Fuel Economy Now can help you... SAVE on your HOME HEATING Fuel Costs too!

Stop Wasting And Start Conserving your Money and Heating fuel on your...
Oil or Gas Heating Furnaces 
& Hot Water Heaters too!

Easy installation takes just minutes!
See Below Pictures for sample installations
No cutting... Simply snaps around the fuel line!

Let's face it... it's in the news everywhere... The cost of heating your home this year is expected be much more than even last year. 
But now you can do something about it!

    HOME HEATING TEST::   Initial testing of our FuelMaster XL model unit shows an average of 7-15% savings can be possibly achieved on your Oil or Gas heat. This means that you may still save more than enough in fuel savings to pay for your FuelMaster XL model unit THIS YEAR! 

The same patented, Advanced Technology of our XL model will also accomplish cleaner, more efficient combustion inside your oil or gas burner too. This will provide you with more heat for your heating dollars.

Take charge of your home heating expenses And your environment before it's too late. Order your FuelMaster XL model for use on your Home Heating system today. 

Don't be left out in the cold!  Remember...
FuelMaster is a Superior product!

Specially Designed to Improve Fuel Efficiency our XL model works on all fuels!
Installs easily around the fuel line leading to your furnace...
No Cutting... No Tools Needed!

FuelMaster XL: can very easily be installed outside the furnace, by strapping it around the inbound Feed line for your gas or oil fuel line or...where accessible... FuelMaster can also be installed inside just before the fuel line attaches to the furnace gas regulator..

And... Don't miss out on saving on your Hot Water Too! The FuelMaster can be installed on the inbound gas line just before the regulator gas line that feeds the Hot Water Heater. 


Natural Gas can benefit from the same magneto hydrodynamics your furnace and vehicle gets!

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FuelMaster XL installed on home water heaters or Gas heater fuel delivery is safe.  It does not alter the lines nor does it cut the delivery of natural gas lines feeding to these residential or commercial systems.  You have to experience it yourself to feel the benefits.

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